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I will be content to resent the status quo

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J2 dosn’t hate misha , we know that , but they don’t really care that much about him .. And we all know THAT !

No, sorry, you’re wrong. I watched Jensen and Misha interact for a while this weekend and the two were whispering to each other and laughing with mega-smiles the whole time. They are all friends. Anyone who says otherwise is both wrong and stupid.

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Anonymous asked: It's easy to dislike Misha though. He isn't puppies and chocolate he's queerbaiting and pot stirring and is the reason so many fans have been compromised. Misha isn't just a charity runner. He's in show business and not everyone is going to like the business he runs. He's part nice guy part menace and the menace is what most of us are going to remember.


No, it’s really not easy to dislike Misha. Sure I can understand not liking Castiel for the queer baiting, but to hate Misha is ridiculous. You are getting a character on a show confused with a REAL life person who has been bullied his whole fucking life, you are hating on a real life person who makes adorable cooking shows with his 2 year old son and eats pasta with jam sauce because his fucking kid made it, and who passes out coffee to people who are standing in line, a person who co founded Random Acts and GISHWHES just to try and spread a little kindness around, you are hating on a real life person who wrote and directed the mockumentry in which he made the most fun of HIMSELF. Go ahead and hate on his character whatever, but don’t fucking hate on a real life person who tries to do more good than he does bad. I’m not saying he’s perfect but he’s definitely closer to puppies and hot chocolate then he is a menace, and if you think Misha fucking Collins in a menace you’ve had a pretty damn good life.

Also can I just point out that Misha doesn’t queerbait at all??? Like, Misha’s the only person who acknowledges that we’re not all fucking insane for seeing something truthful in Destiel. He never laughs at us for seeing a relationship between Dean and Cas, and he never gets uncomfortable because he thinks it’s stupid or something. Even Jensen doesn’t like Destiel questions because he just can’t see anything valid in Destiel, yet Misha tells us that he understands why we see it, and that we’re not crazy for seeing it. That is the EXACT opposite of queerbaiting, and I’m so fucking sick of hearing that people think HE’S the one queerbaiting when he’s the ONLY one making us feel good about our ship.

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